Too many Therapists are unsure about what marketing involves.  Almost everyone has a vague idea that it includes advertising, social media and perhaps something in print.  But beyond business cards, leaflets and the odd newspaper Ad, most Wellness practitioners have no training in how to reach their clients.  Generic marketing advice often doesn't work in our industry, leaving Therapists and Coaches mired in uncertainty and afraid to spend their hard-earned money on something that might not work.

A whole 12 months of Support whenever you need it!


What do you get?

John's experience and expertise at the end of an email anytime, or as often as you need it.  He will always answer personally and will support you through the process of marketing and growing your Therapy/Coaching Practice.

Think of it as your on-call marketing support department! You will be guided through any part or all of the process that you feel you need.  From setting up your Marketing strategy and plans, through writing copy, exploring and targeting all the way to diversification of your services, you will be able to avail of the support, mentorship and advice that you need to make your efforts a success.

Morever, you will be able to do this for an entire year.  Think what you will be able to accomplish with all the doubt and uncertainty removed!