These are the Top 5 Pitfalls experienced by Therapy/Coaching Centres:

Too many therapists see themselves as sole traders without realising the benefits of being within a group that works together for everyone’s greater success.

Many therapists expect that because they use a room in the centre, that somehow the centre should be marketing them.

Therapists who don’t understand how to get their message out often worry about competition with other therapists at the centre.

Therapists who don’t understand about running a practice and how to reach the people they can help, are rarely committed to their practice. A huge number will come and go, which can be frustrating to the centre administrators.

Many centres don’t have a clear plan for income stream to sustain them. Often centre-owners are therapists who end up subsidising the centre from their own fees. That’s fine in the short term, but in the long term the centre needs to be a profitable concern to allow it to continue to serve everyone reliably.