These are the Top 5 Benefits for Therapists and Coaches being part of a Therapy/Coaching Centre:

Being a therapist or coach can be a very isolating profession. Often we don’t see anyone other than our clients during the working day. Being part of a community of therapists and seeing colleagues in the centre can be a real boost to morale and help sustain success.

Having an easy referral option can make life easy. When we can recommend a massage therapist for the stressed client, or someone who works with grief when your client needs that, means we can deliver a much greater level of care and support to our clients without having to be a master of all things. This two-way flow can also see more clients for everyone involved through he referrals as well as helping the clients more.

While many therapists see clients at home or in a hotel meeting room, the no-show ratio is much higher in both of those than in a professional centre. People take the centre and the people who work in it more seriously. It also tends to be easier for a nervous client to attend a professional centre than a private home or hotel. This boost in client confidence is again a win-win. It allows more people to get help and makes life more predictable for the therapists.

A group of therapists can expect significant discounts on everything from advertising to training. This can save thousands over a year & can give access to options that might not be available to a single therapist.

Access to each other’s experience. There’s so much we don’t learn in college but which other therapists have learned the hard way and which can be shared. From easy ways to take card payments, to how to run workshops, and so much more. The combined knowledge of a group working together is enormous. Tap into it. Create opportunity for therapists to meet and chat, to explore issues, and to help each other out. It’s a big win for everyone.