Experience Our Best, Most Comprehensive Training!

If you are just starting out, trying to go full time, or simply want more clients, the Successful Therapist Masterclass will train you in the vital aspects of being in business as a Therapist, Trainer or Coach!


Two Full Days of Training, covering the most fundamental, practical and important aspects of growing your Therapy or Coaching Practice.

Single Day's Training is usually €1,200, you get two full days for €2,100!


What You'll Learn

It is all about reaching clients. People need your help, but unless your message resonates with them they can't choose you.  When the message is right, then anywhere you put it can be successful.

If it doesn't connect, if the vital 'Psychology of Connection' isn't present, then no matter how much you spend and where you put it, the results are small.

I'll show you how to get the language and the message right. When I did this for my own practice I went from 0 clients for each piece I published, to 6 clients straight away!

I'll give you the exact campaigns that brought in 176 client sessions of new work for just over €200 in advertising. I'll give you all the current data, and show you how to implement the strategies:

Get all the Practical Know-hows:

  • How to get your Fees right both for you and your client. Become confident in what you charge.
  • Pros and cons and costs of practice venue options
  • How to find your ideal clients: simplifying all the technical stuff behind targeting your audience
  • The psychology of connecting to your ideal clients - language & message crafting
  • Where to put your message - advertising online and offline.
  • How to campaign and be successful: using text, pics and video.


Learn all the Strategies that work:

  • How to get your offer right for your ideal clients.
  • How I get 19 times more clients by putting the right message in the right places.
  • How I built my waiting list by spending less than €10 a week and one hour of my time a week.
  • The best platforms and how to pick the right ones for you - Print Media, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube etc.
  • Why your website isn't performing and how easy it can be to get it working
  • How to ethically grow a larger income.
  • The free options most people ignore.


Feedback from Past Events

Darius Joseph

Massage Therapist

Penny Noall

Counselling Psychotherapist

Pauline Walsh

Energy Healing Therapist

Paddy Tamplin

"John's knowledge and understanding of the marketing challenges Therapists encounter whilst building a viable practice, is immense."

Maria Maher

"The workshop was superb! A real 'Wow' in terms of the first hand knowledge John passed on"

Orla Chambers

"A really user-friendly course targeted specifically at Therapists - finally a wonderful, practical course to help me further boost my business."

Niamh Doyle

"John is real and he is able to get his message and information across really clearly in simple terms. This was an excellent workshop. Worth every cent!"