Don't let uncertainty hold you back!

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Don't let the thought of Advertising and Marketing scare you away from putting yourself and your message out there.  Yes we all hear about how we should be doing this, or that, be on this Social Media platform, or that one, spend so much time and money every week etc. etc.


I've done the work, let me show you the best ways that I have tried and tested and found to work, that are specific to our industry.  No you don't need huge amounts of money or time, and my training is methodical and systematic and takes you through every step from beginning to end.



The 1st Things to do

    • What are the best options for marketing your practice?
    • What are the free options that work well?
    • Which options work fastest and are best value for money?
    • What should you be concentrating your time and energy on?

Google Business Listings

    • How to get your business listed for FREE on Google
    • How to maximise it's impact
    • How to craft the best description of your business
    • My Listing brings me in 4 clients a month!

Speaking to Groups

    • There are many community groups out there that could benefit from your expertise
    • How to contact and schedule your free talk
    • How to demonstrate your expertise
    • How a 1 hour talk to a local group got me 8 potential clients

Win with Websites

    • Learn the psychology behind building a good website
    • How to take your viewer on a journey to choosing you
    • The tempting Pitfalls to avoid
    • The top tips to make your website work for you

All this training usually worth €588, for just €117 = 80% off!!

In order to get busy quickly and cheaply, it pays to know what you're doing and how to do it well.  I can remove all the uncertainty, take you through step by step and show you a system that you can just keep following in order to get results!

What can Facebook do for your practice?

Well actually quite a lot as it turns out!

The majority of people, and therefore our clients, are online these days and Facebook is by far the most popular place for them to be.   We need to get our message in front of people who need to read it, and Facebook is the best and the cheapest place to do that.  When building my practice, 71% of clients came through Facebook!

But how do you even get started, you ask?

That's how I started too.  Not a clue!  But I read a lot of expert opinions (some of them wrong for our industry) and heard a lot of recommendations (not all of them worked) and me being me, I tried a bunch of things but more importantly I tracked and traced everything I tried, so that I could compare results and see what worked and what didn't.

The good news is: No, you don't have to post 3 times a day, every day; No, you don't need to be on every Social Media platform ever invented; and No, you don't have to spend vast amounts in order to get your posts read.

What you do need to have is:

    • A properly constructed message that uses the psychology of connection to catch attention and resonate with your readers
    • Properly planned and written out campaigns of posts that engage the right people (potential clients) and in which they can identify themselves and their needs
    • Knowledge on how to build your Facebook profile and website that takes visitors on a journey that lead to you and your services and help
    • Targeting and boosting know-how
    • Ability to change things up with videos, images, impactful headlines etc.

Once I had figured things out, I created a series of posts that cost me less than £200 to publicise, but that brought me in 176 client sessions.  I had to stop one video post from running, because I was booked out for 6 weeks in advance!

All my discoveries, strategies and expertise have been put together to form my flagship 10-week course: Facebook for Therapists and Coaches.  This usually costs £397.00 which is already hugely discounted from it's actual worth, but if you buy the 4 courses above, you can get this truly comprehensive in-depth roots to blossoms course for just £197 - a whole 50% off!

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