Here are what some of our previous attendees have had to say about our training:

“Brilliant Content. Very Inspiring. Feel very clear on what I need to do from here on”

Emer Dunne - Physical Therapist and Fitness Venue Director

“John Prendergast delivered a fabulous day on how to grow your list of fee-paying clients. He gave us a formula that works – to minimise your online spend to give you a great ROI. And I would highly recommend his training.”

James Martin

"...building up a following and have now had clients via FB for the first time. So your training works. It's official!”........ “100% useful content, and at last Facebook has a friendly face! Thanks for the demystification”

Martin Styles – Hypno-Psychotherapist & Mind Coach

“I can wholeheartedly recommend attending one of John’s workshops. He is an entertaining speaker with excellent content. He delivers great value”

Ciaran Starrs – Hypno-Psychotherapist

“I was overwhelmed with all the possible marketing avenues in social media. John’s workshop has given me a step by step plan to now promote my business with confidence”

Frances Sweeney – Kinesiologist & Reiki Master/Teacher

“Very clear, well organised presentation with an extraordinary quantity of information. Lots of laughs – fabulous sense of humour keeping us all engaged”

Niamh Doyle – Yoga Trainer

“Very good presentation – evolved very well & came together clearly. Definitely took me outside my comfort zone! Interesting content delivered with energy and humour!”

Alison – Fitness Instructor

“John is Very professional, personable, and funny. He presented this marketing material in a very practical way, sharing very generously from his own training and trial and error experience”

Julie Parmenter – Psychotherapist & Therapy Centre Director

“Very helpful and informative in a clear concise manner. Easy to follow and food for thought. Feel more energised and motivated to make changes. ‘Change is easier than you think!”

Caroline Cunniffe – Zumba and Fitness Instructor

“The workshop was superb! A real ‘wow’ in terms of all the first hand knowledge John passed on. I’m finally confident that I can pass on the message through Facebook about how I can help people and hopefully build my practice more in the process. Thanks John.”.....“Excellent workshop and very practical, useful advice given. John is very eloquent and generous with his knowledge.”

Maria Maher

“I literally didn’t know where to start with promoting my new business. John has given us fantastic information in a very easy to ‘digest’ way. Roll on 2015! Thank you John.”


“This has been a most empowering and inspiring day and has given me the confidence to start my professional career in holistic healing.”

Michelle O'Neill

“Great content, very practical material that can be implemented immediately. This stuff is gold dust!”

Frank O'Donovan

“John is an elegant, eloquent trainer. The content of this seminar was relevant, useful and will be easy to implement following John’s step by step instructions. I look forward to reporting great things as a result!”

Orla Finlayson

“A simple, informative and empowering day that has allowed me to walk away and immediately use FB effectively for my business. Thanks John.”

Aisling Killoran

“Extremely helpful, fantastic workshop that will show you how to promote your business and get more clients for minimal cost. Very educational and easy to do. Evidence based!!”

Sandra Graham

“I found the simple explanation of facebook (which I’m not currently using) inspirational and informative. I also liked the instruction on how to reach the people with the problems I help with. John has the right focus – get people the help they need – and I like how he can match that objective with marketing technologies.”

Ailish McGrath

“A really user-friendly course targeted specifically at therapists – finally a wonderful, practical course to help me further boost my business. Thank you John.”

Orla Chambers

“John Prendergast has finally provided the missing link, which for me as a therapist is effective marketing, using key words to explain how you can help people and effective marketing on facebook to reach more people.”

Noirin O Tigmearnaigh

“Good insight into the ins and outs of how to reach the people who need my help.”

Henry Schwab

“Excellent workshop. Really impressed upon me, the importance of getting myself out there. A very big emphasis on helping people as opposed to focusing just on the money. Excellent, practical advice"


“Today was extremely informative and was broken down in a simplified way. John is an excellent speaker and an inspiring person to meet and listen to. John gave me the information I need to start my business.

Gillian Collins

“Thank you John for a very informative day & workshop. You have given me lots of food for thought on how to promote my business. Looking forward to implementing all your ideas. Many thanks"

Bernie Denning

“John’s business seminar is simple, straight to the point and seems easy to implement. The day flew by and he is specific to business needs of therapists.”

Mary Joe Moloney

“John explains some very powerful techniques in a very clear and easy to understand way. I will certainly be putting these methods to work ASAP.”

Shane Donohoe

“I really found this course great. John made everything so clear about adverts and facebook, and websites. Thanks”

Ollie Greene

“When I hear Social Media I just shut down. John has explained so well today that its not that complicated! We need more people like him giving seminars in plain English!”

Linda Walker

“John has a fantastic ability to communicate and simplify how to use social media tools to market and promote myself and my business to a wider audience. “

Graham Egan

“Excellent Course – could be promoted to non trainers also. There are not many courses available who explain the communication skills to apply to social media (rather than the technical aspects), so very unique.”

Colm Kieran

“I found the material and information very informative and delivered in a very useful manner. Very thought provoking in relation to information to be included on a website.”

Ray Clarke

“Really informative, engaging and exciting presentation. Well done! Can’t wait to get on Facebook.”

Michael Walsh

“A focussed seminar that helped with my understanding of social media and how it fits in with my role as a mind coach. Thank you John.”

Elaine Walsh

“The Training was very structured, written material provided was very helpful. Taking the time to do the workshop and getting practical advice triggered lots of ideas to be more effective in my online presence.”

Owen Mulcair

“This workshop was well worth doing. John gave some great information in a very clear way. Thanks John.”

Karen Slattery

“I found the content today helpful, having the workbook too is good to motivate further action and the promise of follow up guides, templates and videos is what makes it stand apart from other short courses on social media that I have taken.”

Patricia O’Hanlon

“I enjoyed the talk and learned that there is a hell of alot more to Facebook than I realised. Now I just need to implement it. John makes things clear and easy to understand.”

S. B. Dublin

“Very informative on ways to use Facebook effectively and to be able to advertise without using huge amounts of money.”

Helen Rosney

“It was a hugely valuable experience. Thank you John.”

Rose O'Connor

“Very valuable. Practical – and very direct. I look forward to putting these things that I have learned today into attracting more potential clients. Great to see the numbers on actual marketing practices, that have been successful.”

John Sheridan

“Very target and technique based. Easy to follow steps. Definitely a course I would recommend to others in the Therapy field.”

Aidan Leonard

“Today in this workshop, I received an excellent presentation of relevant information, tips and a guide for what I need to do in marketing with facebook so that I get successful results, in attracting new clients to my business. Very impressed! Well done!”

Elaine McGuinness

“I found this day’s training to be invaluable in helping me to understand how to get my message onto Facebook in a way that will serve me easily and enable me to get more help to those who need it.”

Claire Mathews

“Thoroughly enjoyed the very informative day. John explained FB in a very clear and precise way. Thank you John.”

Gerry Ward

“Fantastic training. Very clear and precise, simple steps to implement a successful Facebook strategy.”

Steven Lane

“John really broke down how to use Facebook from start to finish. He gave really good content based on his own experience which makes it very credible that we really can do it too.


“Pinpoint training that is clear, valuable, and easy to follow. The most effective full day’s training I’ve had in a long time. The full day felt like a couple of hours.”

Peter Curry

“Fantastic training seminar. Very informative and educational! Will decrease wasting time trying to find the best way to promote your business and help more people through FB.”

Sandra Graham

“Enjoyable and informative, well paced and gets the balance right. Great value and positive follow up.”


“This was a very practical and relevant course for me. I have done other Facebook courses but this was really specific to what I need to drive traffic to my page and website. Just what I need.”

Una Murray

“Great insight how to make your coaching business successful using Facebook. Saving money, time and reaching more people.”

Nuno Pires

“I already knew the technical bits of advertising on Facebook, but today’s course gave me really useful and insightful tips on how to put my message across: what wording to use, how to put together a post that will work and connect to people who are likely to book in. The day was also fun.”

Johana Vankova

“This seminar was a real eye-opener. Before now Facebook, to me, was surely all about getting ‘likes’ for your business… now I know how to actually reach people and grab their interest and thus their business, bookings….”

Tracy Bolger

“This workshop has given me a much clearer vision of who I can help. I feel very confident about setting up Facebook posts for a specific audience.”

Frances Sweeney

“John is real and he is able to get his message and information across really clearly in simple terms. This was an excellent workshop. Highly recommended. Worth every cent!”

Niamh Doyle

“The checklist for the posting was worth it. Invaluable information. John makes the course fun and cuts out the chaff of what you think is important. The secret is there are no secrets.”

Emer Dunne

“Excellent course, excellent presentation. Really showed me how to effectively use Facebook as an effective tool to promote my business.”

Joe Brady

“Great information. Very useful. If you don’t ask you won’t get.”

Mary Sheerin

“Thanks John, amazing workshop. Every nugget of information was applicable to me and my business.”


“Today’s seminar opened a huge door for me. Thank you.”

Liz Elliot