Our Course Curriculum for a Busy Practice

This is our curriculum of online courses for Therapists and Coaches looking to fill their diary and maximise all aspects of reaching and connecting with clients.  There are so many opportunities in marketing that are overlooked or not optimised for the wellness industry.  If you are struggling to find clients, holding back or are unsure what works, check out the training below.

All courses are delivered online, but even after that, you still get complete access for an entire year.  You can come back and redo them whenever you like for a full 12 months.

We are constantly updating our catalogue, so keep checking back, you might find something new.

So many Therapists and Coaches regard this as an area that can do nothing more than just list information about our qualifications and experience. Having my bio focused on what the client needs to hear and in multiple places, brings in over €10,000 worth of New Clients without spending a penny on advertising!

Business cards are usually undervalued and underused.  They should be more than just a place to write an appointment down, or something to hand out as your contact details.  As an extension of your core message, they should be another way for people to understand what you help with and who you are.

Testimonials are an often-wasted resource that can make a huge difference.  They not only provide social proof and validation of your abilities to help, but they can resonate with readers and encourage them to choose you to get the change they need.  Getting Testimonials and using them is not as hard as you may think.

Print Media is not as dead as some would like to think. I filled my diary when I was starting out just by writing editorials in the newspapers. I Learned the difference between what brings people in and what doesn't, & how to get good deals on print advertising.  If this is the way you want to get your message out, this course is for you.

Until we earn a real income, we can't win.  As Wellness practitioners, we typically don't have a great relationship with money. So many of us think that fees will be an issue for clients, or that being able to support ourselves and our families, is out of reach. This course  systematically and practically allows you to plan your fee structure sustainably.

Flyers, Brochures and Posters are all things that we have as Therapists and Trainers and in most cases they don't bring in a large number of people to our door.  We cram as much information about ourselves as we can thinking that's how it should be done.  Changing the language and what we talk about on them could make all the difference.

There are huge opportunities to get clients for free that we normally overlook.  They are ethical and they work.  Whether it is forming a relationship with another Therapist, or adding yourself to the various business listings that provide this service for free, never discount the possibilities that such opportunities can provide.

Live online broadcasts often deliver 5 times more than recorded video, which already typically brings in more clients than simple text.  Furthermore, you can get more use out of the recorded replay. Learn the tips and tricks of live broadcasting to camera and how to harness this tool to reach more people and fill your diary.

When I started, I put a Press release in the local newspaper and got 6 clients from it.  Most newspapers will print press releases for free, so every opportunity you have, you can be news that brings clients and keeps your profile visible and memorable.  This 3-part course teaches you guides you through this process.

Writing a blog doesn't have to be as arduous or as frequent as it sounds.  There are also ways of using them that means you get multiple usage out of an article, serious benefits to your website and good returns on time invested.   This course shows you the best language to use, the psychology behind it and tips and tricks to get the most out of blogging.

Missed appointments and client no-shows cost us time and money as well as frustration.  There are several different ways of minimising these problems, from which you are able to choose the best for your business.  I will take you through all the ins and outs and well as potential consequences of all the options available for our industry.

It is crucial to know both what to offer your clients, and how to support them into the future.  Mindset mirroring allows you to identify and plan your product and service portfolio, based on what you learn about your clients and their needs through this very specific process, and also how to make what you offer able to sustain future growth.

So called because it shouldn't last longer than an elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, your elevator pitch is your brief description of what you do, designed to spark interest in your business, that you can deploy at a moment's notice.  It needs to be interesting, memorable, succinct and as such, well-crafted.  To have this prepared and memorized means that you are never at a loss in any situation, whether face to face, or filling in forms, writing editorials or short bios.

Providing distance therapy can be a great way to supplement income without the usual overheads.  However there are regulations surrounding issues of privacy and data protection that you must be aware of, and marketing your business globally has many different challenges compared to a local practice. Being up to speed on all of this allows you to avoid the usual pitfalls, and add this to your list of services enabling you to reach and help more people.

You know that big box ad on the right hand side of a Google search? The one pics, links, contact details and reviews (Google "Anxiety Athlone" and you'll see mine!).  You can get that for free.  It's incredibly eye-catching, memorable and a huge opportunity that so many people fail to take advantage of.  In my case, it brings in 4 clients a month.

If you are looking to offer your services to other Businesses, then LinkedIn is where you need to be.  This course covers how to build an optimised profile, what messages to put out there and the strategies of how to approach other businesses, build relationships and market your services.  Business to business marketing works differently to marketing to the general public.

Video outperforms text when it comes to engagement, but videos that can be played silent - by using captions, outperforms other kinds by up to 300%.  So what are captions and how do you create them and get them to work?  This course will take you through all the different options and covers the easiest ways to make your videos reach and connect with more people.

Getting your message right is the most fundamental thing.  Once you have that, you can be on any platform and it will still bring in clients.  Generic marketing advice on this is not very helpful as "Selling" in the Wellness Industry doesn't work.  Once I learned this, I increased my client numbers by 600% in one week! This course takes you through the Psychology underpinning this and will challenge your preconceived ideas.

A complete 3 part training on how a consistent message delivered over 3 times as many clients for the same money spent on advertising.  I'm taking you through the benefits, the psychology behind it, the pitfalls and stumbling blocks, and the step by step way to stay on message easily.  It's a powerful training.

Just about everyone has a skill or service that businesses could benefit from. Yet we usually think we don't.  Businesses pay more and are quicker to address problems as they impact their bottom line.  In this 2 part training I walk you through how to find your business to business offering, how to present it, and I share three strategies for getting into businesses.

Using imagery can reduce the cost of advertising by over 50%, it can make the difference between being noticed or ignored, and it helps me help a lot more people and earn a better income.  This 3-part training will take you through what wins, the formats to use, the differences between key platforms, and the easy places to get free images and how to add text to them in really easy ways.

When we see the wrong clients, when the expectations are wrong, when we're stressed from it all it goes very wrong. It feels bad going into work those days, and that often holds us back from making a difference and helping more people. In this 3-part training we'll get clear on who your ideal clients are, how we can build motivation, increase word of mouth, and how to find the right clients as well as how to connect with them. Wouldn't be be nice to feel great about helping people and cut the stress?

There are hundreds of options to promote your business. Here's what works best. In this 3-part training I take you through what returns best on the money spent advertising, the free options, which work fast, and which make the biggest overall difference.Then we narrow our plan to a small number of highest value options to get you out there helping more people.

If you're not in the industry, it can be hard to find precise and basic information on how to make professional-looking videos. It actually is amazingly simple and doesn't require a huge outlay either. In this training, I show exactly all you need to get, to do, and how you need to do it!

I get a huge amount of questions on how to offer our help when we have multiple therapies or coaching options.  Questions like "I do counselling, EFT, and mindfulness, so do I need separate websites for each?" come up a lot. This complete 3 part course will take you through the whole process so you can offer as much as you like without doing a lot of extra work.

Marketing has changed but most of us haven't caught up. I've noticed a huge number of therapists treating their print media marketing and their online marketing the same way. You can save a lot of money by understanding what makes the difference between different advertising types and how what you do and say at the start can help enormously.

In this training,  I'll show you how pressure to work evenings and weekends can be a bonus and even stress free.  Yes, a simple change that's well tried and tested can make the difference. It's also easy to implement with no money and very little time put into making the change.

The way we describe our job and our work can create a lot of unexpected meaning.  In this training I'm taking you through how to get to grips with this and how to solve the problem. When you work through this training, you'll have a list of why people hesitate to come to you for help and a list of how to change that.

Whatever type of help you give, there are always going to be naysayers and people who find it hard to even ask for help. Normalising the therapy that you give and the fact that people need it is one way to combat this.

There are 3 traps we tend to fall into which seem like good marketing ideas but which hold us back massively.  In this training we look at the problems and the thinking around those to make positive change in our marketing.

Speaking to local and community groups is one of the most immediately successful things a Therapist can do. And for almost no spend.  I spoke to just one group and walked out with 8 potential clients for a 1 hour session.

What if you could pick not only the right things to do but how much of them to do?  I’m taking you through a system which can guide you through how much work is likely needed to be successful and how to pick and choose for yourself which options to implement on any given week.

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