NLP is the study of the subjective experience we call life, and particularly of excellence within that experience. Imagery, language, emotion and other parts of that experience, give us power over how we feel and perform. NLP is about recognising and harnessing this.

Specific techniques are used in NLP, to change the perceived internal experience and dissolve old unhelpful strategies. It is a great way to bring a person from suffering to positive change, while giving us more access to our motivation and confidence on command.

The pure communication elements are hugely beneficial in making it easier to get a client to face difficult emotions, to make it easier for them to see the benefit of putting the work in and resolving any misunderstandings or fears that might get in the way. It is also hugely useful for copy writing, linguistics in advertising, and so forth, as it gives structure to how language impacts each of us. Executives use it for enhanced presentation and public speaking skills, reducing fears around performance, and moving into peak state when needed.

Having studied under Dr. Bandler, the co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming, I am a Licensed Trainer of NLP and this training is internationally recognised and certified by the Society of NLP.


Awareness of internal experiences in ourselves and spotting them in others.
Internal experience
Emotion and internal representation

High Performance Enhancement – using this awareness to create positive change.
Taking control of the internal experience
Reducing negative emotion
Enhancing beneficial emotion

Techniques and specific applications.
The precise tools for change and performance

The skills and techniques are applicable both to yourself and your own life experiences and to others you wish to help.

Improving relationships (Romantic, Professional, Team dynamics, Leadership, Family)

Enhancing mindset (Motivation, enthusiasm, passion, happiness)

Clarity and achievement (Avoid hesitation, focus on what matters, less distracted, accomplish more)

Negotiation and perception (Greater awareness of people’s reactions, responses, and fears)

Sales and Persuasion (Greater ability to positively influence people, overcoming fears and hesitation)

Calm and in Control (Reduce anger, frustration, fears, guilt, and other negative emotions)

Presentations, Interviews, Public Speaking (Be more confident, more persuasive, and more relaxed, accomplish more)

NLP has been mostly the preserve of the business elite for a long time and its popularity makes it a sought-after skillset for anyone seeking to improve their ability to perform well and help others enjoy a better life.


The Licensed Practitioner of NLP training takes place over 2 sessions about a month apart.

Part 1 introduces the concepts and fundamental skillsets in workshop style training. Over 4 days we learn and practice to get the fundamentals down. Then we go and practice in the real world for a month before coming back together.

Part 2 we reinforce the skills and add more specific techniques and a greater understanding of the subtlety of NLP. Through the final 3 days we move from simply employing elements we’ve learned to understanding the system underneath it so we can be more adaptable and persuasive.

The training is fully licensed by the Society of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler. Once successfully completed, you will be certified as a Licensed Practitioner of NLP.


Prices start at €1,497 a head for a minimum of 6 people in the course.

7-8 attendees the price drops to €1,397

9-10 attendees drops the price to €1,297

11-12 attendees lowers the price to €1,197

We accept a deposit of €500 to secure your place and then with a month to go, we charge the balance.

These fees are inclusive of all licensing, materials, and tuition.
All qualifications will be fully licensed by the Society of NLP/Dr. Richard Bandler.

Please contact us for further details and if you have any questions.

Courses are filled on a first booked first reserved basis.

Dublin 2018 Dates:  Part 1 = 13th to 16th September, Part 2 = 17th to 19th October