Are you a Therapist or Coach just starting out?

Find out all your options, avoid the pitfalls and hit the ground running!

So you have spent a significant amount of time studying and learning your chosen method of delivering help and support to people in need.  You are keen and eager to start actually earning and helping.  Maybe you have even started up!  You have probably even Googled "Marketing for New Therapists".  But there seem to be so many different ways of going about it: how to setup a practice, whats the best way that won't bankrupt you before you even start?  Then there are the frightening expenses: the overheads, the taxes, the licenses, insurance, advertising etc.

Well I went through it all, and survived!  But I tell you what - I learned a huge amount along the way, especially in what worked and what didn't work.  Now taxes and insurance are inevitable, but there are ways to both cut costs AND ensure that your advertising reaches people and convinces them to come in your door.  I have trialled and tested so many different ways and will tell you about the pros and cons of all of them so that you can decide what will work the best for you in your area and with the support that you offer.

marketing for new therapists

Just check out my online courses that will hand-hold you through every step with guidance and training specific to our industry.

I have spent years training with experts and trying everything out myself and have now developed my own method that I know works!