Need to create all your marketing? Get all the How-tos!

All 5 courses below, for a 80% discount! £485 = £97


Learn the easy way to make promotional and marketing videos.  No need for special skills or tools, and not even any need to be in front of the camera yourself, if you don't want to be!

Normal course price - £97

Business Cards

Most Business cards get filed in the bin!  Make yours stand out, make it work for you and get your message across. They should help you to bring more clients in.

Normal course price - £97


Brochures and leaflets are the bread and butter of therapists and coaches.  But how much thought have you put into the psychology of them? How many clients have told you that it was your leaflets that brought them through your door?

Normal course price £97


Chosing images, finding free stock images, image manipulation - all things that sound complicated, but can be very easy.  A simple image that you have customised to your needs, can hugely enhance your marketing materials - printed or online.

Normal course price - £97

Captions Made Easy

Video outperforms text when it comes to engagement, but videos that can be played silent - by using captions, outperform other kinds of videos by up to 300%.  So what are captions and how do you create them and get them to work?

Normal course price - £97


Not only is this a huge 80% discount from buying all the courses separately, but learning how to create your materials yourself saves you outsourcing that work.  You are guaranteed to create something exactly as you want it to be.

Skills Upgrade

You get to add skills to your repertoire that are transferable and adaptable to whatever your business needs may be.

Try it till you get it right

You get access to these courses for an entire year, so you can watch the training videos as many times as you need to.

“Great content, very practical material that can be implemented immediately. This stuff is gold dust!”

Frank O'Donovan

Do you offer more than one type of Therapy?


I get a huge amount of questions on how we should offer our help when we have multiple therapies or coaching options that we can offer to clients.  Questions like "I do counselling, EFT, and mindfulness, so do I need separate websites for each?" come up a lot.  Some Therapists or Coaches have widely different services that cater to very different types of clients and are often worried about whether to keep them separate or how to market them separately.

I have created this complete 3 part course that will take you through the whole process so that you can offer as much as you like without doing a lot of extra work.

Usually this course costs £297, but I am throwing it in with the 5-course Creating your Materials package, at a 50%+ discount, that is for £147!