If you feel learn better in person, and can get to Dublin or London, we offer live Full Day Training on online Marketing for Therapists/Coaches and a comprehensive Full Weekend Seminar on all aspects of building success in your practice.

Live events are especially helpful in that not only are you in the room learning and working through the exercises, but you also have the chance to really get to grips with the training through personal interaction and the ability to ask questions.  It’s also a great chance to network and learn from other Therapists and Wellness practitioners attending the event.

At all our live Trainings you get a workbook full of exercises that becomes your playbook and reference anytime you come to applying what you have learned.  You will be able to go back to it, and use all the ideas and base systems you wrote down, on which to build your marketing strategies.

John has tested, trialled and tracked all the systems and processes he teaches, so you only learn what actually works and leap-frog all the useless ones!  Keep an eye out for our upcoming events and make sure you benefit from the earlybird discounted tickets!