It takes courage to open a Therapy Centre.

Usually that is born out of a belief in the power of positive change and a desire to deliver the opportunity for change to as many people as possible.

That's something noble and worth supporting.

Usually a new centre requires a number of therapists or coaches working together for it to be successful. In this case they all need to be able to build their own success as part of the whole, yet very few therapists are adequately trained in how to get the word out and how to run their own sole-trader business.

Thankfully that is where a centre like yours can really strengthen and support everyone involved in getting their type of help to the people who are right for them, and in the process, build your own success too!


The biggest issue for most is finding clients. Unless therapists are using their skills to help people then they are not earning a living. This is the big one. The win / win is key, for the clients it's getting help and the win for the therapists is being able to support themselves and their families!

To support this I offer two key services:

The Vital Marketing Seminar

Facebook for Therapists & Coaches, where you and your therapists can learn the most successful, inexpensive, and best ways to get busy fast. The reason I focus on Facebook is that it is much cheaper than Newspaper Adverts, Twitter, LinkedIn, brochure drops and much more. It also delivers better. It's the best way to get out there.

Monthly/bi-monthly group training Sessions

Where the messages, campaigns and advertising can be worked on, refined and built with direct support and coaching from myself to make it work. This way each Therapist can get their message out in a way that has been shown to work. Taking the guesswork out of advertising saves thousands and allows a lot more people to find help.

Normally the centre facilitates the coaching session and shares the cost between the attending therapists so as to have their own attendance covered by this.

It's recommended for 5-10 therapists in a session so everyone gets individual support as we work through their practical, step by step, efforts to fill their own practices. It can be delivered in person or by Skype.

This ongoing support delivers the sustained motivation and action to build success. Helping therapists stick with it and implement their plans is what truly builds success.