In-house training option for Therapists and Coaches

in person or by video conferencing

Building success has to be practical and consistent

I provide one-to-one Training and Mentoring for a small number of clients each year, based on their individual needs. I can also offer this in a group setting designed to help you and your Therapists/Coaches to work together on an ongoing basis, building their success and the Centre's success too.

Uncertainty tends to be the mortal enemy of action. By combining experience and proven methods, with customised mentoring and training, as well as commitment-setting, you have a powerful system which helps everyone stay on track and work consistently in useful ways to create tangible success = helping more clients, earning a better income and making a positive difference in the community.
The structure for training is that in each session, we clarify and map the next step for each participant to develop their business, timetable their work on that goal, mentor and train them in any skills needed, and set follow-through commitment targets, so that the work gets done and seen in the following month's session.
Using this format, everyone gets to benefit from my expertise and proven systems and strategies in ways that meet the individual needs and demands of each therapist. Everything is demystified, whether it's the language to use when marketing your business, How to use Facebook, how to make a video, or how to ethically increase your income, and everyone goes away from each session with a clear picture of the next step they need to take and how to take it.

Monthly training is the standard, giving the participant time to assimilate new information, implement plans, see results and have enough feedback to allow the next step forward month to month. For very committed Therapists, a bi-weekly session can be arranged.

Each session lasts 3 hours, enabling everyone to have their questions, issues and needs addressed, and the creation of implementation plans and delivery of any training required.

The fee per session is €600 and is invoiced to the Centre hosting the program and is recommended for groups to have between 6-10 participants.

The program can be delivered in person, to centres close enough for that to be practical. Video conference training is available world-wide.

Whatever your skill level, this training addresses your needs, hand holds you through all the steps you require and answers all your questions as many times as you need to ask them. Therapists/Coaches benefit and Therapy Centres grow.

To arrange a program of training & mentoring or for more info please contact us.