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In this complete training to help you build from start to booked-out you will recieve these 10 modules:

1. How Facebook wins & the vital Psychology that connects with clients.
    - Understanding what it is about Facebook that allows it to deliver far greater results than any other media gives you massive control over your message.
   - The vital bedrock of helping a client chose you is how you connect with them. This powerful Psychology brings me 19 clients out of every 20 I see. Until I worked out this system of connection my message used to only reach 5% of people.
   - This is the most important thing I've ever discovered in learning how to reach and help vastly more people.


Results 72. Business Page, Profile, & what you need to have in place keep a constant flow of new clients.

- In order to achieve out goals we need a few things in place. It's actually a lot less than most people expect, and a fraction of what most Social Media 'experts' told me I needed.
- To allow us succeed the easy way we set up a Facebook Profile, and Business page. These are free to have and give us amazing control of our message and budget when advertising.
- This module shows you screen by screen how to create and optimise these for success and shows you the optional extras that can bring in nearly 1 in 5 clients extra for almost no extra work.


Results 63. Our best advert options & my Top 10 tips for posts.

- The simple stuff done well is what wins on Facebook. In this module I show you what this is and how to use it. Had I known this at teh start I would have saved thousands in advertising, helped scores more people my first year, and earned tens of thousands in extra income, which I badly needed at that time to keep going as a therapist.

- This module shows you which two options perform best and how to use them.

- It also gives you my top 10 tips to get better results with your posts immediately!


4. Shared Content – the pitfalls & how to be successful using it & The Post Structure that wins.Results 4

- Many people share newspaper articles, videos of interest, and research articles, but it can be counter productive if done badly. In this module I show you the pitfalls to avoid, and how you can multiply the value of such posts with a few moments effort.

- We also look at the Anatomy of a Successful Post. This is a structure that has proven very successful to reach and connect with clients supporting them to take action to chose help. This tick-the-boxes system can hugely increase the number of people taking action from what you post.

5. How to get your posts noticed & read.>

- The best post ever is only useful when someone reads it. A lot of our success comes from being able to get a post noticed and from being able to draw teh readers attention down into the text or along into the video.

- This module shows you the best options for succeeding in this and gives you a copy-paste solution to start using straight away.


6. Paint by Numbers Masterclass for Successful Posts.

- In this module we marry the powerful Psychology of Connection to the proven Anatomy of a Successful Post to create a masterclass in how to help more people with what you post, to identify who needs your help, and to support and encourage them to reach out and try for change with your help.

- This deep dive training is one of the most powerful strategies I've ever discovered and I use it in all aspects of my work to this day with great success.


Results 37. Strategy Masterclass I

- Many people fear the words 'Strategy' and 'Campaigning' but they are very easy when you know what has succeeded. In essence they mean continuing to post in a useful way.

- In this module we look at the simple consistent ways of posting on topic over a period of time and how amazingly successful it can be, including the campaign that for €201.66 spent brought in €17,600 euro in new client work! That's a return of 87 to 1, and more importantly hundreds of extra sessions of people getting help who otherwise might not have gotten any assistance.


8. Strategy Masterclass IIResults 2

- Here we work through the 87/1 returning strategy to create a campaign aimed to help your ideal clients.

- This is where you set up your campaign structure, schedule, budget, and have a go-to playbook for your advertising for years to come.


9. Video the easy way.Results- Video

- While I built my success without video life became easier when I started using it. It can be a lot easier to produce than we expect and doesn't oblige us to be in front of camera to be successful.

- This module shows you how to video without a camera, using a mobile phone, and other options, and demonstrates the powerful results video can deliver.

- We also look at strategy in using video, the message conveyed, and which type of videos work best.


Results 110. Sustainability, making things easier & using Seasonal factors for success.

- An ongoing plan to make life easier , using seasonal factors to be busier for less time and money in advertising, and how to schedule and budget your time and money to even out quiet times and busy times to a busy diary all year is what we cover in Module 10.

Current bonuses – don't be surprised when these change or disappear, but they are now included Free in this training course!


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John Prendergast is an Award-winning Success Coach and full-time Psycho-Trauma/Anxiety Therapist.

He is also the founder of Therapy and Coaching Success that specialises in helping Therapists, Coaches and other wellness practitioners, connect with those in need, build their diaries and earn the income they need.

Live Events in Dublin and London

Hear Steven explain how he tripled his client numbers in just 10 weeks using Facebook.

This year we celebrated huge growth in our International following, spanning the globe.

Delivers Live Webinars followed in 6 continents
Provides One-to-One Coaching Internationally via Skype as well as in person
Keynote and Guest Speaker for Wellness and Mental Health Organisations and Associations
Provides training for Therapy Organisations and Institutes
Delivered Booked-out Business Clinics at International Expos and Wellness Trade Shows

Publishes handbooks and training manuals to help Therapists & Coaches get busy and make a difference.

John enjoys family life with Fiona and their beautiful daughter Isobel in the West of Ireland (and occasionally in sunny places!).