What Marketing materials do you have?

Business Cards?  Brochures/Leaflets?

Are you creating your own Videos? using imagery? Trying to add captions?

How are they performing for you?

The first brochures I put together were rubbish!  I had zero training in how to market my services when I started out.  I wasted a lot of money producing materials that almost worked against me, rather than for me.  As for using the right images and creating video..... not a clue!

These days all four of these areas reliably bring in clients for me.  I make return on investment in time and money making them and more importantly, I know the pyschology that works on them!

This Training:

    • Business Cards: How to get them to bring in Clients (usual price £97)   Usually undervalued and underused, Business cards should be more than contact info, but an extension of your core message.
    • Flyers and Brochures: How to get them to return well for you (usual price £97)   Changing the language and what we talk about on them could be all it takes to make them bring people to your door.
    • Using Images: Reduce the cost of advertising by up to 50% (usual price £297)   Images can make the difference between being noticed and being ignored!  This 3-part course covers winning formats, easy image manipulation, adding text, where to get free images and key platform differences.
    • Making Pro Videos: creating professional looking videos is easier and cheaper than you think (usual price £97)   It is actually amazingly simple and doesn't require a huge outlay. I show you all you need to do and how to do it!

You get all this Training worth £388 for just £97!!  A discount of 75%

These 4 things should be your main marketing materials - 2 that you give out and 2 that you use to enhance your online presence.

In these trainings, I explain how their use can benefit you, how easy they can be to create and optimise, how little investment of time, technological known-how and money you need and the psychology behind the choices you make when creating them.

I learned everything the hard way, so that you don't have to!

Even if you have no idea on how to make video, or manipulative images - I can show you the easy ways to do just that.

Let me demystify it all for you for just £97

Do you Offer Multiple different Therapies?

Unsure how to market them? should you offer them separately, or together?

I always get a huge amount of questions about how to offer Multiple Therapies especially when they can be quite different from each other.

So How do you offer multiple Therapy services?

You do e.g. counselling and Reiki, should you have separate websites?

Are your target audiences different or the same?

Should your core message be different?

I answer these questions and more, in the 3-part Course How to Offer Multiple Therapies.  Usual Price £297, but you get it here for just £147 which is 50%+ off!