Basic Level

5 Courses specially selected to help you find clients

Get this Amazing Value Training worth €885.00 for only €247.00

These courses have been specially chosen as the most important things that have to be done well to bring in clients.

What you get with your 70% discount:

    • Your Bio - A 3 part course on how to make your bio work for you.  Mine brings me in €10k a year in new clients. Usual price for this course is €297
    • Is your Message right? - A 3-part course on how to craft your message using the Psychology of Connection.  Usual price for this course is €297
    • Do the Labels work? - A course on how to describe what you do and combat negative assumptions about your type of therapy.  Usual price for this course is €97
    • Is your Marketing built on a race to the bottom? - A course that identifies the 3 big Marketing traps we fall into and how to get around them. Usual price for this course is €97
    • The value of Normalising - A course on how to boost the positive perceptions of the therapy and coaching you offer, and how to innoculate against naysayers.  Usual price for this course is €97

All these courses are available online for you to do when and where is convenient for you.  You will also have access to them for 12 months so you can revisit and revise whenever you feel the need.

Get your Training worth €885, for just €297 Now!

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Complete Level

Get all Basic level plus the 10-week Facebook for Therapists & Coaches & more!

Get €1590 worth of training for just €497 = 66%+ discount

Facebook is still the number one place to find clients for very little money and time spent on advertising.  Most of my clients still come from Facebook.  The Complete package of courses give you a full 12 months access.

With Facebook for Therapists & Coaches:

  • You will learn how to maximise your facebook profile business page and how to get on the first page of Google
  • How to engage with readers and make sure your posts are read
  • The anatomy of successful posts to enable you to build winning posts every time
  • The easy way to make and use Video content for your posts
  • How to campaign to make sure you stay busy year round
  • And much much more..

With this Facebook course, you also get bonuses!  Yes there is still more.

  • You get a 3-part course: Win With Websites,  on how to ensure your Website layout and structure takes your clients on a journey to choosing you, using all the Psychology of connection you will learn in the Facebook course.
  • You get the course: Emails that give results - a copywriting course on how to reply to enquiries in a way that gets more of them to become your clients.
  • The final bonus is worth €1000s, but you get it for free -  For a whole year, you get to ask John anything to do with using Facebook for your business, via a special email address.

In addition to all of that you also get the 2-part course Speaking to Groups, (usually €197) to help you with one of the best quick ways to find clients.

Get your Training worth €1,590, for just €497 Now!

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Elite Level

Get Access to Everything!

Get all of our online courses worth in excess of €10,000 for just €997

The Elite package will give you access to all Therapy & Coaching Success online courses, for a total of 3 whole years. This includes everything currently on our course catalogue list and other current online courses.  All this gives you all the training on finding clients and how to build bigger incomes and help a lot more people.

This includes core courses such as:

Facebook for Therapists and Coaches

Your bio Course

Win with Websites

And also Premium courses, such as:

Using LinkedIn for Business Clients

How to Market Multiple Therapies

How to Campaign your Consistent Message

And don't forget all the bonuses that come with these courses (see Basic and Complete level course packages). These courses will fully equip you to maximise your abilities to market your practice, fill your diary, avoid pitfalls earn a full income, and be able to help more people in the way that you were trained to do.

This is everything we have found to work - all our strategies, processes, systems and methods.  And we want you to make sure you take the time to learn everything and implement everything, which is why you get access for a full 3 years.

Get your Training with €10,000+ for just €997 Now!

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