Who can I helpI had a question last week about getting help out, and I was asked: what level of Therapist or Coach do you need to be?

It brought into sharp focus an issue that happens a lot. When we start out having just trained, we have a lot of learning, but a limited amount of experience. That's where so much doubt and uncertainty can begin.

'Am I good enough to help?'

'Can I offer enough?'

'Should I do more training before I put myself out there?'

Sound familiar? Nearly all of us have these thoughts at the start. Especially if we're not busy. The bad feelings of worry about seeing enough clients to make a difference, and can we afford to keep going as a therapist or coach, can funnel into the wrong conclusion – do people want what I can offer?

That so often transforms into doubt about our skills or ability.

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I can't count the number of therapists I've met who hold back with this feeling.

Here's the bottom line – using our learning by seeing clients, is what builds experience.

We get better by using our education.

However, it is important to remember that we can give value on day one. I've yet to meet a therapist who couldn't help someone at the very start.

The question we should ask is not 'Can I help enough?' it's the easier question of: 'Who can I help today?'

We need to focus on the simple fact that if we help those we are comfortable to help from the start, then we are doing work that helps, we grow our experience, and we become more able to help others.

It's a beautiful situation. Do the work we're happy to do and we get to feel more confident and we help more people.

No matter who you are, or what therapy or coaching skills you have, there are a huge amount of people out there who know less, understand less, and need help on something you can assist with.

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I frequently get people saying things like 'I'm grand to do this type of work but if I put myself out there I'll get people coming for help that I'm not comfortable to work with.'

Sure, that will happen. But it's not a problem. We can always say 'You know what – The ideal person to help with this is.....' and just refer them on to someone you know is happy to do that work.

The person in need is moved towards help so it's a win for them, and you get to be out there finding more of the clients you are right to help.

So, whenever anyone asks me how experienced they need to be or how highly qualified they need to be to get out helping others I ask a few simple questions:

Are you ready to step up and help someone today?

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Are you willing to bring that help to the people who need it now?

If so, you have my thanks.

Hope you chose to act to help others and that you keep sharing your help.

Every best wish,


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