The absolute common element in all human endeavour is – the human mind. People are people, using the human brain in everything we do. Our minds are optimised to work on visuals yet business is struggling to hold out working in text.

Text is great but your mind processes an image 60,000 times faster than text. That’s only one part. The fusiform face area (FFA) within Brodmann area 37 in your brain is optimised to recognising faces, another area prioritises that information, and your brain takes more notice of that than almost anything else.

 If you want to help someone, in business, therapy, training, or just socially through e-mail, add a pic of yourself to your signature line. It will evoke a much stronger connection than any list of titles or qualifications. Be a real person behind the screen, not just a formal form e-mail.

Particularly when helping people to make change that they want and often are somewhat fearful of, it helps to show your face and be less scary, more real, and a person too. (Put it on your website too!)

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