Is it talk or is it action that will let you help more people and earn a better living?

What action are you taking to help more people? Take a real hard look at that. Ask yourself ‘Does this let me help anyone extra this week?’

If not can you also, or instead of that, do something for those you can already help, and do it this week?

Being this practical will let us become better therapists, help more people, grow our experience and therefore our expertise, and thus allow us to help more and more people in ever better ways as we go. But even at the start we can make a great difference to someone suffering and until we start we can’t gain experience. That’s why we have to get started helping what we can. Now is the time!

Please get your help out there. There are people suffering right now who don’t know to make change (I was one of them for decades). I wonder who is waiting for you to connect with them this week.

If you want some help getting your message out to those in need feel free to sign up for 3 FREE training videos showing you how I keep a waiting list and get to help hundreds more people year round on less than an hour a week spent putting the word out:

It’s my best stuff that I learned the hard way which lets me make a difference. I hope it serves you!

Every best wish for success,
John Prendergast,
A happily booked-out therapist.


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