Making a difference to others should also make a difference to you.

Not just earning a living & not having to worry much about bills, but with a great feeling of making a difference in people’s lives.

There is no feeling on earth like knowing you’ve helped people achieve what they want. I know I’d hugely regret it if I’d spent so much time training and wasn’t making use of those skills.

The job satisfaction is amazing when we see people living life in a way they were previously unable to live. When we get a testimonial doesn’t it really lift us?

I know I’ve made a big difference in the lives of many people. From therapists who are now busy and enjoying life, to former clients who are traveling when they used to be housebound, to people enjoying speaking in public who used to be in a panic at the thought of it, and so on.

It’s also how I got good – by doing what I could when I could, I developed my skills. Yet tragically so many of us hold back, waiting for magic to happen, rather than building the magic one client at a time.

We have to put ourselves out there for people to avail of our help.
And yet we shy away from doing so at the start. The problem is we stay ‘at the start’ continually if we don’t push on.

As someone who spent decades in anxiety and depression, unaware that the solution for me was around even before I was born, I know the cost of therapists not getting their message out.

Please take a moment and consider who you can help with the skills you already have. Now, please do something to get that message in front of those in need. Can you do 1 thing today towards this goal?

If you need help with this I’m happy to share my method of reaching and helping those in need.

I’m going to be taking a limited number of therapists and coaches through how to do this in the easiest and most successful way on January 30th in Dublin.

Spaces are strictly limited so book now to guarantee your place!
Become a busy, successful therapist, the easy way!

Click here for details and to book:ā€¦//

If you can’t attend the live event check out the training available

Every best wish for Success!
Making a difference

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