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A few weeks ago I wrote about going for engagement over page likes. Over the past 14 days I’ve posted the usual number of posts, on the usual topics on my personal therapy business page, but I’ve gone for a strategy that gets engagement but less likes than usual. I was concerned at how few likes at first but then I saw the change. The growth in new clients is 60% Those 60% are more people who are taking action this week to make a positive change in their lives. As long as we do good work this is a win for everyone.

 I’ll keep trailing this on and off over the coming months to be sure the positive results stay solid. But I just wanted to reinforce the point that you should set a goal that is the bottom line for your help: (helping more people in seminars, working with more clients in one to one, more people finding online help programs, etc.) Then focus on actions and results that yield that. Don’t get carried away on the the numbers game online!

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