When I started as a therapist I knew I could help and that there were people out there who needed my help.

I didn’t realise my biggest challenge would be getting the message of what I help with and who it’s for to those in need.

When my clinic was empty I wondered if I was any good. I second guessed my methods (even though they were what had been used to get me over decades of anxiety and depression), and I worried would I have to go back into a day job I didn’t want rather than get to help people full time. I had rent to pay, and a family to support and this is what I wanted to do in life. It matters to me.

It was a rough journey, but it took me from empty to booked-out and with a waiting list, and cut my yearly advertising budget from a huge €5750 to just €250 a year!

Please get your help out there. People are suffering and don’t know what might work for them. I was like that for decades before a therapist helped me. Make the world a better place one step at a time!

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