How often do you do it?

It’s what everyone wants to know: Once a week, three to four times a week, daily? More???

What gets the best engagement in terms of frequency? It varies by industry and even by product, but some principles do hold. I recommend that you go with advice based on data. Everyone has their own opinion, but data is impartial. Start with the following guidelines and then pay attention to your results.

The key is: Try (you must get stuff out there), Track (you must follow how it does), Tailor (you must adjust and improve based on these results).

 So let’s start with Facebook:
– Coke averages a post every second day,
– Red Bull averages a post daily,
– iTunes averages about two posts a day.

 Overall average for industry leaders is 1 post a day. Research by Track Social in 2012 showed engagement on average drops if you post more than once a day. Go when your audience are online, a post peaks in 90 minutes and then fades in impact.

 Next – Twitter:
A sampling of 11,000 tweets showed that top brands started to get increased engagement at 3 tweets per day. Some evidence shows that 5 tweets a day is optimal and that after that engagement drops off. So 3-5 a day looks to be the best place to start.

Pick a time when your audience is online, a tweet has peaked at 18 minutes and then sinks into oblivion.

Posting once a day on business days allows you to reach 60% of your audience and is the best guide I’ve seen for Linkedin posting frequency. That’s a total of 20 posts a month.

Lastly, if you write or post rubbish, your engagement will be rubbish. Quality is more important than quantity.

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