Always go for engagement over numbers.

 Most social media companies will want to push you to increase the number of ‘likes’ or to get more followers. This is easy to quantify – you see the numbers roll up – and they charge you for those figures.

 My advice is never go for higher numbers of likes or followers. Always go for quality of engagement. Making a connection with people is what brings people to get the help they need.

 For example, on Facebook, if you create an advert or promote a post with the goal of getting likes, it will be shown to people who have a history of liking stuff. The algorithm increases the amount of people who like lots of pages who see it. The kids with 5000 pages they have liked will see it more and the people who might be interested in what you do will see it less. You spend more, more people see it, but less clients result. The people in need of help are less likely to see you.

 Social media is a two way street. Develop the quality of those two-way communications and you win. Treat it as a cheap megaphone to shout your message at as many people as possible and Facebook’s billing department wins.

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