Be specific about what you do. If you are skilled in dealing with many things you’ll be tempted to try and tell everyone about them all at once. That doesn’t seem to make it easier for people.

 We tend to respond best to knowing someone’s speciality, in detail, and then we are more likely to contact you about related issues. If I know you have expertise in one area I’m more likely to ask you (now that I know this about you) questions regarding related things. Make it easy for people to know what you do and how you do it – one service at a time. Stick to one core message or at most a small group of closely related services. Any one message should only talk about one thing at a time.

 Getting help can be very hard and in so many cases, we take a long time to decide to do something for ourselves. Make it easy for people to choose you, and for the right reasons.

 So, for example – if you’re talking about a service, talking about a key element and then just naming other benefits it can have, will help people more than trying to give lots of information on multiple different things it can help.

 Show your skill and knowledge. They will do the rest.

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