For a new practice, doing the right things in a small area may or may not be enough.

If you’ve got your social media running well, perhaps you’re in the local newspaper, and you have info up in local shops etc. and it is bringing in clients but just not enough. Then you may have a great opportunity to double your business fairly easily.

 If your local area can generate 10 clients a week but you need to see 20 then you can do all the same stuff that is working in your area in a nearby area and expect the same results. When I started, I worked in two towns 35 minutes apart. I didn’t need a full time clinic in both, so I simply rented room space in a therapy centre. If there isn’t such a centre, use a hotel meeting room. Sounds expensive? Well here’s a free option: Find a different therapist / trainer and swap rooms one day a week. A Physiotherapist and a Counsellor could double their reach by swapping rooms one day and incur no extra costs beyond travelling to the other area that one day. All the stuff you have working well in your home area you can do in the new one and potentially double your business.

But how do you know where to open? Which towns or areas would be best for you to work in?

Facebook has the answer.

Once you’ve had your Facebook business page up a while you get insights (once 30+ people like your page). Once you have access to insights you can see where the people who your Facebook posts reach are. Last week over 36,000 people fell within the reach of my private practice’s post’s on Facebook. I know which towns those people live in. I also know where the people who interacted with my posts live. If I needed another day’s work I’d look at where I already have reach and open one day a week there. I’d advertise more in that area, both online and offline. I’d take a newspaper advert and put out a press release announcing the new service in that area, and I’d spend a small sum on Facebook targeted to that area.

 You can do this in different areas of a city or different towns depending on where you live.

  • Can you find 2 other people who use the same type of room as you do for your work in different towns near you?
  • Can you find a centre or hotel room to rent cheaply?
  • How long a drive is OK for a day 30, 45, 60 minutes?
  • Can you include that new location in your Social Media and other advertising?

If so, you can greatly increase the time you spend making people’s lives better, and earn a better living too.

 Keep sharing your help.


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