Content Must Drive Action!

This should always be in your mind when you decide to post on any social media.

What is the objective that you want to achieve?
Is it to have the audience book an appointment? Visit your website? Subscribe or Opt-in to something? Book a course place?

These four questions will help you to achieve this:

  1. Does the content relate to the objective?
    Stay on topic and be clear. A cute puppy gets attention, but does it convey your message?
  2. Is it eye-catching or attention grabbing?
    High contrast images do better than low contrast. Is text clear? Is the piece well written and engaging?
  3. Does it mark you out as credible/expert/skilled? Show your value and always spell check. A silly mistake can ruin a chance to help someone.
  4. Can the viewer/reader find you easily?
    How do they connect from here? Link, phone number, video to play from message, skype etc.

Is it obvious at the end what action your viewer/reader should take? (Call today to guarantee your place/ Book now/ Call now to find out how I can help you) In research by US marketeers using ‘Today’ or ‘Now’ has been shown to yield a 14% higher rate of action. If it’s a less up front offer, is ‘Make a change today’ better for your brand than a more sell-type push? In either case I recommend some call to action for most coaching and many therapy offerings.

This doesn’t mean be blatant. It means that if someone reads the post and if they need your help, they will realise what that help is and how to access it. No one likes to be sold to, but if they need the service the post should allow them to recognise that need in the offering and enable them to follow up with ease.

┬áIf not, you’re probably hoping that some ‘perfect meme’ you create will reach hundreds of thousands of people and somehow they’ll magically know how to contact you and what you do. If this is you, start selling used Unicorns, you’ll be just as successful and it’ll be a better story.

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