The stresses and extra pressure of Covid-19 are certainly a big part of it, but I’m seeing a huge underswell of people facing up to their existing issues in life too.

The treadmill of the over-busy life has come to a stop. People can’t just distract into overworking, training all the time, volunteer committee roles and all the rest, as easily.

All those people who feel uncomfortable with quiet time are now much more aware of the issue. That inability to watch a movie without reaching for the phone too, the need to move about and having difficulty simply sitting still. These sort of signs of stress are now unavoidable for many more people.

It’s a painful awakening for many people, but with the awareness comes a chance for change and people are beginning to take action.

Even for those who are OK with the stress, the change in life has allowed many to ask themselves if they really want to be doing the same job and living life the same way long-term. The constant push and busyness that often keeps people in a rut has changed too, and people who are aware of this are reassessing life choices and directions.

We are where this tsunami will make landfall.

The helpers, the coaches, the therapists. We are where they will turn in growing numbers.

It’s already started. This week I’ve seen a 600% jump in enquiries. They all seem urgent. Like pent up frustration has finally boiled over and they want to act now.

We need to be ready.

Hard as it might be if we’re hurting financially, this is the time to start advertising.

Small amounts of money well targeted on Facebook is my top pick for reaching the person in the street.

For business clients then lead generation on LinkedIn is my best recommendation.

For most of us though it’s the average person-in-the-street we’re seeking. I recommend $25-$50 a week as a good budget for finding 1-1 clients on Facebook right now. That way we’re only risking a few client sessions of income a month for most of us. But that is enough to usually bring in clients if you’re addressing their needs in what you put out. Yes, that’s a much bigger budget than I normally recommend, but most people have a lot more spaces to fill now.

I’d also recommend now as the time to sort a place to work if you do face to face consultations, if you don’t already have a good option. Negotiate on rent and all costs now too. We’re facing a recession worldwide and landlords and suppliers are aware they need to give good value if they want to survive the coming year. Negotiate every expense is my advice. Save as much as you can to make it easier to pay to get your message out. That’s where people see and choose us. Prioritize that over just about every other cost.

I can’t think of a therapist type who can’t help reduce stress in some way. I think the opportunity for all of us is huge here, but, more importantly, there will be hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know help is available, or what type of help is right for them. They need us out there talking about how we can help. Not our qualifications or therapy type – talking about what we help. What it is good for, what life experience they suffer if they need that help, etc.

Consistency is vital. Spending $200 now is far less successful that spending $25 a week over 8 weeks and staying on topic.

Our testing of this showed that when we stayed on topic for 6+ weeks (so in my case that would be talking about different aspects of anxiety each week) it yielded more than 300% more clients than one off advertising for the same budget.

Some people need to see us repeatedly as the idea percolates through, some will act straight away but over 80% of all my clients come because of consistency of my message!

This is the time to be brave and to step up. We are here to make a difference in peoples lives. That service is needed now. Stop hiding and get your message out – and keep it out there!

We are blessed that when we step up and bring our help to people, we get to make the difference we’re here to make. We get to make the world a better place and we are rewarded too by earning a better income when we do so.

Focus on that win / win. The client’s win and ours. Allow yourself to earn a living and make the world a better place hand in hand with that.

Please keep sharing your help!

If you need help getting your message out there on Facebook (which still outperforms every other method I use by a huge amount) I’m offering my complete training on exactly how to use Facebook to bring in clients at 25% off this week to help ease the burden.

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Have a great week,


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John Prendergast is an award-winning Success Coach and and Psycho-Trauma Anxiety Therapist.

He is also the Founder of Therapy and Coaching Success that specialises in helping Therapists, Coaches and other Wellness Practitioners, connect with those in need, build their diaries and earn the income they need.

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