We all know this to be true. If you're a therapist or coach it should be true, but don't let that translate to 'ignore the money'.freeimage-8807098-high

We tend to think of money as only being 'filthy lucre' too often.

Money is a vital part of our continuing in practice.

Here are some frequent comments I hear in different ways, that prove it's got to be partly about money too...

No money

and the big one each year for so many...

Pay taxes

It's true, we're the helpers, we're here to give people the chance for a better life, whether it's emotional stuff, physical pain, business difficulties, or life direction etc., that's the big point of it.

The money side is a tool that lets us do that. It lets us work at this rather than getting a job just for money. It lets us keep a roof over our head and over our family. It feeds and educates our kids. There's nothing wrong with money.

If we give our time and energy without receiving something back it quickly becomes a negative equation for most of us.

I have had a coaching client who is a multimillionaire and who didn't need the money back, but they're few and far between. However, even he doesn't work for nothing. When I asked him about this he said “I value the work I put in, and so does the client when they invest in it.” He also made the point that having money, let him take on someone for free or very cheaply. When he sees a genuine need, he can help in a way he couldn't if he was poor and needing to use each appointment slot to help pay for life.

It's a good way to look at it.

So for anybody struggling on the money front, here are a few pieces of advice and some questions. I hope they help you bring your help more out there into the open and to the people you are right to help.

1. Value your work and your contribution when with a client

Here are a few questions to make that easier:

  • What does it mean for a person to get help with this issue?
  • How much of your energy and effort is going into this?
  • What do people spend more on that helps less? (TV, Weekend Away, New Phone etc?)

2. How will allowing yourself to earn a living make life better?

  • Will it let you do more of this and thus help more people?
  • Cut stress?
  • Help your family?
  • Allow you to enjoy life more?

3. Ask yourself why you have spaces to fill (assuming you do).

  • Have I consistently kept my message out there?
  • Does my message resonate with those who I can help?
  • Have I held back because I'm unsure how to reach people?
  • Have I held back because I'm unsure of my skills?
  • Have I tried one-off advertising only?
  • Is it something else?

These might be an uncomfortable few questions. Please be honest with yourself. This is what will make the biggest difference for most of us.

And then take a pen and paper and answer the following three questions. These form your action plan for change...

3 hard questions

A lot of people will read this and move on. The ones who work through those few questions are the ones who are determined to bring their help to more people in need.

I hope you're one of them.

Please keep sharing your help.

Have a great week,

John Prendergast

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