Facebook Bootcamp Seminar

Join me at Facebook Bootcamp where I will be sharing with you the easiest, least expensive, best ways to use Facebook, the most successful social media platform, to get your message out and help more people.


Saturday 23rd September – London

Earlybird Price: £97

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Why should I attend Facebook Bootcamp?

Can I be a full-time Therapist, Coach or Trainer?

Many newly qualified Therapists and coaches as well as experienced ones, have excellent skills that can John Prendergast ovalhelp people with the physical, emotional or life problems that they face, but have not been trained in how to reach these people, especially not on social media

It is also a common misconception that you need to spend large amounts of money and time advertising your services in order to get clients. Many of the industry-standard advice also doesn’t apply to people in our line of work.

The all too common result of this skills-gap is that Therapists often have to get a day-job in order to make ends meet, and are only able to practice part-time. Some even give up all together!

The outcome? Less people get the help that they need and you end up wasting your skills. As someone who spent 35 years mired in Anxiety and Depression, because I didn’t realise help was available, I am determined to help change that.

Your desire to help has to become stronger than your fear. Ask yourself – ‘how many people have I put my message in front of?”

I started out the same way. I tried everything and spent lots of money doing so. But I tracked everything I did and compared success rates. I simply carried on doing what worked. I have now gone from wondering where my next client was coming from, to being booked out year-round with a month’s waiting list.

None of this happened by luck. And it was social media, specifically Facebook, that made the difference. Many are turned off by, or scared of the idea of using Facebook, but it is not as difficult or time-consuming as they think. At this full day seminar, I will be sharing with you my strategies and systems to help you use FB to build success for yourself. This doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist either, I am nothing special! These are all easy-to-use ways that worked for me, are continuing to work for many therapists and coaches and can work for you too.

I know that you are thinking – “I have no idea how to use it, I don’t even have an account! Will anyone pay attention? It sounds expensive!”

Results 7Only by accident, did I finally get the help I needed. How much better would my life have been if someone with the right skills had managed to reach me? There are more people out there in need of help, then any of us can possibly assist. Your skills have value, you should allow that value to be realised. By using the best and most successful way to reach people, you are actually going to help more of them. Make it about them and you will benefit too.

Success is rarely random, and fear can hold us back.”

In this Seminar, we will cover:

  • Facebook: how it can work for you, how to create it and use it
  • How to find and reach your ideal client.
  • The psychology of connecting with them powerfully.
  • The post types that work best.
  • How to campaign on 1 hour a week.
  • The exact strategies that brought in €17,600 in new client sessions for €201 advertising.
  • How to be successful with simple video.
  • The paint-by-numbers system to create powerful posts every time.
  • How to use seasonal factors to be busy year-round.
  • And more.

Results 2

You will learn how to:

  • Craft your Message in a way that Connects with people and creates engagement.
  • Use different media (Video etc.) to get your message out.
  • Use advertising in the most budget-effective way
  • Market your skills in the language that clients understand.

Over the last 5 years I’ve learned a lot about using Facebook, tested a lot, and seen what works for scores of therapists. Over 1000 therapists and coaches worldwide have taken my training and that’s given me a lot of feedback on what works best across the board.

This seminar is that knowledge, broken down into easy to use chunks, to let you be more successful and see a lot more people get help.

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Results 3
“Very helpful and informative in a clear concise manner. Easy to follow and food for thought. Feel more energised and motivated to make changes. ‘Change is easier than you think!’”
Caroline Cunniffe – Zumba and Fitness Instructor.

“This has been a most empowering and inspiring day and has given me the confidence to start my professional career in holistic healing.”
Michelle O’Neill

“Excellent workshop. Really impressed upon me, the importance of getting myself out there. A very big emphasis on helping people as opposed to focusing just on the money. Excellent, practical advice.

“John explains some very powerful techniques in a very clear and easy to understand way. I will certainly be putting these methods to work ASAP.”>
Shane Donohoe

“John is an elegant, eloquent trainer. The content of this seminar was relevant, useful and will be easy to implement following John’s step by step instructions. I look forward to reporting great things as a result!”
Orla Finlayson